April 15, 2018

Rainbirds by Clarissa Goenawan follows younger brother Ren to Akakawa, a provincial Japanese town where his sister Keiko lived and was murdered. As he collects her belongings and closes a mysterious chapter in his sister’s life, Ren searches to know what happened to Keiko — not just how she ended up bleeding out on a midnight street, but about the life she lived so quietly for years, and how she came to mean so much to him.

If I Live by Terri Blackstock crafts a gripping story of an innocent fugitive, Casey Cox, on the run again. Disguising her appearance, Casey has managed to keep one step ahead of those who know that the truth will never set her free. The investigator hired initially to apprehend Casey has become her solitary confidante and friend; his life hanging precariously in the balance aside hers, while he tries to dodge corruption in the Shreveport, Louisiana police department and gather enough evidence to bring justice to all.

The Crooked Path by Irma Joubert recounts the story of retired physician Lettie Louw’s coming of age in WWII-era South Africa as the daughter of the town physician. Heartbroken over unrequited teenage love, she moves to Johannesburg to study medicine as the war rages. Although her teenage feelings never waver, Lettie marries and raises two daughters as the racial and political tensions in South Africa swirl about them.

Journey by Simon Adams offers the excitement and romance found in travel around the world. Beautifully illustrated, the history of travel is rendered from the earliest migrations to great explorations, the Grand Tour to the first airliners, using an amazing array of historic maps, photographs, exotic paraphernalia, and eyewitness accounts.

Natural Wonders of the World by DK shatters any thoughts that you have seen all the world’s wonders, revealing many of earth’s amazing features with majestic clarity. Discover earth’s most active volcanoes without risk, what it would be like to dive into the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize, Vietnam’s rarely seen Hang Son Doong cave system, wildlife in the Congo rainforest, and many aspects invisible to the naked eye.

iPad for Seniors by Visual Steps teaches you to get the most out of an iPad with iOS 10 – how to surf the Internet, write emails, and jot down notes. Explanations for using built-in apps (applications) to listen to music, take pictures, and make video calls is covered, as well as showing you how to use the App Store to download other applications free of charge or for a small fee.