December 16, 2018

The Complete James Herriot 8-volume set, donated in memory of Tristan Nigel Hays, presents ageless tales drawn from the veterinary practice and country life of English veterinarian Alfred Wight. Delighting readers for generations, Herriot’s compassion, humor, tenderness and love not only for the myriad of animals he treated but also, for the wonderful people he encountered in his practice, is evident in this timeless set.

The Good Neighbor by Maxwell King paints a definitive portrait of the unique and beloved American icon, Fred Rogers, drawn from original interviews, oral histories, and archival documents. King traces the personal and professional life of the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood creator and star, with his signature cardigan and opening song, through decades of work, including a surprising decision to walk away and make television for adults, only to return to the neighborhood.

A History of America in 100 Maps by Susan Schulten uses maps to explore five centuries of American history, maps that defined this country, whether made for military strategy or urban reform, to encourage settlement, or to investigate disease, translating information into visual form. With stunning visual clarity, Schulten showcases the power of cartography to illuminate and complicate our understanding of the past.

A Christmas Revelation by Anne Perry is packed with uplifting holiday mystery when Worm, a young orphan boy, sees Eloise being kidnapped by two men just days before Christmas. Immediately recruiting Squeaky to help, they discover she does not wish to be rescued, but intends to bring the kidnappers to justice for her father’s murder. After the criminals, skilled illusionists, try their tricks on Worm and Squeaky, the boys join Eloise with her plan, maybe turning the villians’ own ruses against them.

Three Trails to Triangle by Robert J. Horton shadows the adventures of old West expert investigator Mel Davitt, brought in when the new State Bank of Milton is robbed. Just outside of town, Davitt joins up with Buck Granger, a young cowpuncher who helps him catch the bank robber known as the Crow, beginning a partnership whose aim is to apprehend rustlers and thieves.

Premeditated Peppermint by Amanda Flower Captures Christmas time in the small town of Harvest in Ohio, where Bailey King and her Amish grandmother are busy in their Swissmen Sweets shop. Unexpectedly, Bailey’s ex-boyfriend, celebrity chef Eric Sharp, shows up to film an authentic Amish Christmas at the shop, and reunite with his girlfriend. But after his executive producer is murdered, Eric must call on Bailey to help clear his name.