December 17, 2017

Snow Country Christmas by Linda Lael-Miller hits the mark in this light-hearted, conflict-free holiday romance between Raine McCall, a feisty, no frills, single mom who’s happy with her quiet life, and hotshot movie executive Mick Branson. When work brings Mick back to Mustang Creek, he can’t get Raine out of his head, and the two find their attraction, and their differences, undeniable. Putting down roots in the Wild West wasn’t in Mick’s plan, but there are some Christmas gifts you can’t walk away from, even when they turn your world upside down.

Even if it Kills Her by Kate White throws investigative reporter Bailey Weggins and her old college friend Jillian into a full-scale investigation into the murder of Jillian’s family sixteen years before. After the man convicted of the crime is exonerated by new DNA evidence, the two look for clues that would shed light on what was going on in their Berkshire town back then, but the authorities are not happy about or helpful in the women’s search for the truth.

The Girl in the Castle by Santa Montefiore travels back in time to Castle Deverill, nestled in the rolling Irish hills, and home to flame-haired Kitty Deverill. When revolt breaks out, Jack O’Leary enlists to fight and Kitty, though not fully Irish, throws herself into the cause for liberty. As their lives are wrenched apart by betrayal, Castle Deverill comes under attack, and the only home Kitty has ever known is threatened.

Hygge by Marie Tourell Soderberg reveals the Scandinavian concept, pronounced ‘hye-guh’, that is described as a prevailing state of mind designed to cope with life’s ups and downs. It involves sharing experiences without thinking of material cost; enjoying people’s company as well as your own; responding to nature; enjoying tastes and sounds; and designing interiors to incorporate as much light as possible. Hygge invites us to consider how lucky we are to have family and friends, and to help them create a mutual joy in sharing.

The Life and Times of Warner Glenn by Ed Ashurst features one of the West’s most iconic individuals, Warner Glenn, descendant of pioneers, successful cattle rancher, and world-renowned lion hunter. Gleaned from countless hours of voice recordings, old scrapbooks and newspaper articles, are true tales of lion and bear hunts, cattle ranching in the arid Southwest, tracking outlaws across the desert, famous horses and cowboys, hunting in Mexico, and history.

Grief is a Journey by Dr. Kenneth J. Doka explores a new, compassionate way to grieve, explaining that grief is not an illness to get over but an individual and ongoing journey. Through encouraging stories of his clients, Doka upends the dominant but incorrect view that grief proceeds by stages, and exposes the prevailing, often judgmental, ideas about grief, replacing them with a hopeful, inclusive, personalized, and research-backed approach to cope with loss.