February 19, 2017

Hag-Seed: The Tempest Retold by Margaret Atwood Felix casts Felix as a real-life version of Shakespeare’s Prospero in a funny and heartwarming tale of revenge and redemption. After treachery forces him into a backwoods exile, he is haunted by memories of his beloved lost daughter, then finds revenge in the shape of a theater course at a nearby prison. There Felix and his inmate actors will put on his Tempest and snare the traitors who destroyed him.

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney depicts a love letter to city life in all its guts and grandeur. It’s the last night of 1984 and Lillian, 85 years old but just as sharp and savvy as ever, is on her way to a party. On a walk taking her over 10 miles around New York, she meets bartenders, bodega clerks, security guards, criminals, children, parents, and parents-to-be, all while reviewing a life filled with excitement and adversity, passion and heartbreak.

The Rising by Heather Graham tenders a thrilling sci-fi story of football hero Alex Chin and brilliant Samantha Dixon, high school seniors with bright futures. Within twenty-four hours their world turns upside down – Alex lands in the hospital, his doctor and parents are murdered, and now the attackers are after him. Desperate to stay ahead, Alex and Samantha race to find why he is being hunted and how it ties in with the real (and secret) reason he was adopted.

The Lose Your Belly Diet by Travis Stork, M.D. is built around a very clear, research-based concept: eating food that nourishes and protects the microbes in your gut paves the way for weight loss, a slimmer middle, and better overall health. All the bases are covered – how to dramatically improve your own gut health with the food you eat, support your body’s beneficial bacteria, avoid unnecessary antibiotics, and change the way you think about dirt and germs.

A Wretched and Precarious Situation by David Welky shares a remarkable true story from one of the world’s most inhospitable places. When the amateur Crocker Island Expedition set out in 1913 to explore the mysterious peaks, northwest of Greenland’s ice fields, they faced a brutal polar climate, food shortages, isolation, a fatal boating accident, a drunken sea captain, disease, dissension, and a horrific crime. Some discovered inner reserves and talents, some realized the importance of loved ones they left behind, and some psychologically disintegrated.

Mini Homes by House & Home presents a wildly unique selection of tiny and creatively daring examples of homes in a variety of locations: on the water, embedded in a hillside, and in a forest surrounded by fauna. Showcased are some of the world’s most innovative and efficient designs along with floor plans and photographs that are sure to inspire those seeking to get the most out of a limited space or small plot of land, as well as those on a tight budget but refuse to relinquish the dream of having their own tailor-made home.