February 25, 2018

Lindbergh: A Photographic Biography of the Lone Eagle by Bruce McAlister & Stephan Wilkinson brings back to life Lindberg’s epic career in evocative text and hundreds of photographs, many rarely published, reawakening the careers of a man and his wife who achieved more, in more varied fields, than perhaps any couple in history. Lindbergh’s epic non-stop flight from New York to Paris in a single-engine aircraft was the biggest media event in the 1920s and set up the United States to become a world leader in aviation.

The Four Tendencies (audiobook) by Gretchen Rubin reveals answers to the one simple question that will transform what you do at home, at work, and in life, “How do I respond to expectations?” Rubin’s compelling research, sharp insight, and hilarious examples show that people fit into one of four groups: upholders, questioners, obligers, or rebels. Discovering where you fit shows how it’s far easier to succeed when you know what works for you, resulting in increased happiness, health, productivity, and creativity.

Junk Beautiful by Sue Whitney delivers inspiration for reimagining and refashioning vintage pieces into unique furniture and accessories to transform every room in your home. Requiring little to no skill and capable of being completed in a weekend or less, the clear, concise step-by-step instructions and photographs guide so that even novices can create pieces that have made “rustoration” one of the hottest trends in home-decorating.

Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh shares a story of faith when, after receiving devastating news about her brother, Chicago interior designer Lane Kelley reluctantly returns to Harbor Point, Michigan. Ex-soldier and successful renovator Ryan Brooks is thrilled to see Lane again, but he soon discovers that she’s not the same woman he once loved. Can they overcome secrets from the past–and Lane’s ambition–to find romance?

Kurt Vonnegut: Complete Stories by Kurt Vonnegut pulses with great wit, humor, and humanity through the complete, some previously unpublished, short fiction pieces of one of the twentieth century’s foremost imaginative geniuses. Vonnegut’s clean prose and brisk pace delivers pleasure from seeing some moral clarity and linear order brought to a knotted world, a satisfaction that is impossible to overstate.

The Breakdown by B.A. Paris does not disappoint with this psychological thriller involving Cass Anderson, who passed by a woman in a car that appeared to have broken down late at night. Now the woman is dead. Ever since Cass has been plagued with silent calls and is convinced someone is watching her. Consumed by guilt, her memory starts playing tricks on her. Can she convince her husband and friends she’s not going mad, and just how close to home is the murderer?