July 16, 2017

In conjunction with the City of Clovis Floodplain Management Program, the library maintains a collection of materials on National Flood Insurance programs including maps of local floodplains, manuals for designing or retrofitting structures, handbooks on residential repair, guidelines for erosion control, and similar topics.

I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak has been given in memory of Elizabeth Jean Reid. These endearing children’s board books, donated in both English and Spanish versions, share a rhyming message of unconditional love for every aspect of your child, from top to bottom, when happy or sad, for now and always.

Tree Houses Reimagined by Blue Forest inspires reconsideration of the possibilities for relaxation and play in your own yard. Enter the world of fairy-tale towers, whimsical stairways, crow’s nests, zip lines, and suspended rope bridges that fit snugly between trees and branches. The 28 imaginative tree houses, some accompanied by site plans and drawings, challenge the old perception of rustic structures made of old bits of wood roughly nailed together.

Johnnie Come Lately by hometown Clovis author Kathleen M. Rodgers offers a beautifully crafted story about family secrets and second chances, revealing Johnnie Kitchen has come a long way since the days early in her life when her emotionally unstable mother disappeared and bulimia nearly killed her. Now the married mother of three, Johnnie tries to make sense of her past and win her husband’s forgiveness, finding the search for her mother and the identity of her father plagued by the terrifying demon of self-destruction.

A Note Yet Unsung by Tamera Alexander pulls the reader into the life of master violinist Rebekah Carrington, who was denied entry into the Nashville Philharmonic by Nathaniel Whitcomb, a young conductor bowing to public opinion. Now, with a reluctant muse and a recurring pain in his head, Whitcomb requires Rebekah’s help to finish his symphony.

A Dog’s Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron captures a charming tale of unwavering loyalty and incredible devotion between Lucas Ray, a disabled veteran, and Bella, the adorable pit bull Lucas is forced to send away until he can figure out what to do. But Bella, distraught at the separation doesn’t plan to wait, despite the four hundred miles of dangerous Colorado wilderness that separates them, and sets off on a seemingly impossible adventure home.

Ponzimonium: How Scam Artists are Ripping Off America by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is chock-full of advice to educate investors on the scam artists ripping off America and discloses provocative stories such as that of Darren Potter, who cleverly pedaled “loans” and ironically became a victim himself of a Ponzi scheme. This a must-read for anyone new or old to investing and the pitfalls that could make or break your bank.