May 20, 2018

Enchantress of Numbers by Jennifer Chiaverini presents a work of fiction based on the true Story of Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace, that unveils the passions, dreams, and insatiable thirst for knowledge of a largely unheralded pioneer in computing—a young woman who stepped out of her father’s shadow to achieve her own laurels and champion the new technology that would shape the future.

The Kremlin Conspiracy by Joel C. Rosenberg pairs breakneck action with political intrigue when Russia’s president, Aleksandr Luganov, shows he will stop at nothing to restore his country to her former greatness. As the path of Luganov’s senior aide crosses with that of a member of the US Presidential Protection Detail, a decision must be made, would it ever be right to assassinate a single leader if it could prevent a genocide?

The Fire Queen by Emily R. King journeys into a classic fantasy tale, with deceit, lies, and turns, all set in a realm where people with superpowers exist and the gods are still involved. In exile after the death of Rajah Tarek and the invasion of the imperial city, Kalinda must fight and defeat three tournament opponents to ensure the help of Prince Ashwin against the warlords and to win Captain Deven Naik’s release from prison.

Home With You by Shirlee McCoy imparts an old-fashioned, but modern day, romance. Sullivan Bradshaw never dreamed of returning to his hometown of Benevolence, Washington, but when a car crash kills his brother and critically injures his sister-in-law, the die-hard bachelor returns to care for the couples’ six children and the ancestral farm. However, he soon discovers that the new nanny may change everything he ever thought he wanted.

Jackie Robinson by Harvey Frommer follows the famous sports figure who broke baseball’s color barrier, from his early years in California through his struggle with the Brooklyn Dodgers to his post-playing career. Drawn from interviews with Robinson’s family, friends, and fellow ballplayers, the story tells of a courageous man who triumphed over bigotry and personal tragedy to take his place in the hearts of millions of Americans.

Cover-up at Roswell by Donald R. Schmitt takes a fresh look at the renowned seventy-year-old UFO crash-recovery at Roswell, NM, cataloging the extreme measures exercised to suppress the truth. New eyewitness testimony, a comprehensive timeline of events, and answers to the most frequently asked questions offer additional insight into the granddaddy of all UFO accounts.

On the Road With Kids by John Ahern navigates the author’s true-life adventure to bring his family closer together. Sabotaging a high-flying career, Ahern takes his family on the road, for a year, through 30 countries, in a battered campervan. Finding themselves mugged by monkeys, charmed by snake handlers, and inspired by their fellow wanderers, their trek is not only humorous, but also an honest, heartfelt meditation on the meaning of modern life and an affirmation for involved parenting.