September 23, 2018

The Captain’s Daughter by Jennifer Delamere captures the life of Rosalyn Bernay, who finds that unfortunate circumstances have left her penniless in 1880s London. She takes a job backstage at a theater and finds herself dreaming of a career in the spotlight. Injured soldier Nate Moran is also working behind the scenes, but he can’t wait to return to his regiment in India, that is, until he meets Rosalyn.

Lone Witness by Rachel Dylan bristles with drama when prosecutor Sophie Dawson’s first job in the White Collar division of the Fulton County D.A.’s office is to build a case against a local bank employee who may be cheating clients. However, circumstances beyond her control leave her as the only witness to a double homicide involving a vengeful gang, turning Sophie’s world upside down.

The Air You Breathe by Frances De Pontes Peebles portrays a story of a friendship fueled by admiration and affection, envy and pride. When Dores, working in the kitchen of a sugar plantation, meets Graça, the spoiled daughter of a wealthy sugar baron, they quickly bond over their love of music. One has a voice like a songbird; the other feels melodies in her soul and composes lyrics to match. Music will become the only way out of the life to which each was born… but only one is destined to be a star.

Treating People Well by White House Social Secretaries Lea Berman and Jeremy Bernard reinforces the fundamental message – everyone is important and deserves to be treated well. Explore how attributes of confidence, honor, charm, consistency, handling conflict diplomatically, honesty, loyalty, owning your mistakes, and even smiling, all work together to achieve personal and professional empowerment.

The Yankee Years by Joe Torre & Tom Verducci is a thoughtful, utterly honest, and gripping behind-the-scenes look at the Yankees’ organization from the most successful, and most respected, baseball manager of the modern era. After years with no success, new team manager Joe Torre enters the scene 1996, leading the team to twelve triumphant seasons and playoff appearances, six pennants, and four World Series titles.

Prescription for Herbal Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC provides the most current research and comprehensive facts in an easy-to-read A- to-Z format on more than 200 herbs and herbal combination formulas, ranging from well-known herbs, to less familiar remedies, such as khella and prickly ash. Also included is information on more than 150 common disorders from acne to yeast infection, and suggested herbal treatment therapies.