Public Computers


The Internet may be used by all patrons for instructional or recreational purposes while keeping the following rules in mind.
  1. Library rules prohibit obscene displays in the building. Violators may be denied access to the library.
  2. You must present your Clovis Carver Library card or valid photo ID in order to use a computer. No computer may be used by an individual with total household fines over $5.00.
  3. You may use the computer for one hour. If no one is waiting for a turn at the end of that time, you may sign up for another hour for a maximum of two hours per day.
  4. If printing pages, they are 10 cents per page for black and white and 50 cents for color copies.
  5. Children aged eleven and under must have an adult sitting with them at the terminal.
  6. Juveniles aged 12 to 17 must have a parent’s or guardian’s signature on the Internet permission form. Only two persons are allowed at one computer unless approved by library staff. If both persons are minors, both must have parental permission forms signed on the Internet User’s Agreement.


  1. The Library Internet Policy will be posted at each terminal and on the Library website.
  2. Every user will sign in, using their full name. Parents will be asked, when applying for a card for their children, if their child has parental permission to use the Internet. Parents will be cautioned to supervise children, if they have concerns about their children being exposed to offensive material. Children aged 11 years and under must have a parent sitting with them at the terminal. If offensive images are left on the screen, users will be denied further access.